What is a gap year and why should I take one?

A gap year is a break from formal education often, but not always, between high school and college.  As a Christian, a gap year can be a tremendous opportunity to focus on God, be challenged academically and spiritually, all the while serving Christ and His church. Also, recent studies have shown that student who take a gap year a far more prepared emotionally, mentally and spiritually for college.

Is there an age limit to the Shoreline Discipleship Academy?

Currently our focus is on recent high school graduates to students who have completed their sophomore year in college, typically that would mean 18-20 year old students.

How much does the program cost?

There are two options that a potential student can choose from, the accredited track and the non-accredited track.  The accredited track costs $7000 while the non-accredited track costs $5200.  For more information go to the page "What It Costs."

What does the program costs cover?

Pretty much everything.  The tuition will cover books, academic courses, a foreign mission trip to Belize, a domestic mission trip to Atlantic City, NJ, books, food and gas allowance, and administrative costs on our end to make the program run smoothly.

When will the tuition be due?  And are their scholarships available?

The tuition will be broken up into three parts.  The first portion will be due August 1.  The second will be due December 1.  And the final payment will be due March 1.  

While we do not offer scholarships we encourage students to support raise.  The gap year is a program of study, it is also one of service, you will be giving up time to focus on Jesus and His mission and many people will come behind you financially as you serve Him.

Where will I stay?

We will place each student that attends the academy with a host family from Cornerstone Church.  Each family will be chosen by the staff and leaders of the church and will be encouraging and accommodating to the student.

What are the outcomes of the Shoreline Discipleship Academy?

Our hope and desire is that each student that takes part in our gap year program will grow in three strategic areas: spiritually, academically, and missionally.  For more information on what that looks like visit "What We Do" or feel free to email us.

Do I have to be an academic type to be a part of the program?

No not at all!  We will meet each student where they are and challenge them to grow and develop as Christians, that is our primary and main focus!

Besides the college courses and mission trips what else would I be doing?

A lot!  Each day will be spent in focused prayer, Bible reading/study, serving the church and shoreline community, receiving intentional discipleship from the director and pastor, meeting with a mentor, and so on.  While the program will be fun, engaging and challenging we will also provide you with valuable time to rest and reflect on your experience.

Can my parents and others visit me?

Of course!  We welcome parents to catch a glimpse of what you'll be doing as you embark on the best year of your life!\

How do I become a part of the Shoreline Discipleship Academy?

Fill out the application!  We look forward to hearing from you soon!