A gap year is not a nine-month break from the "real world," it is an incredible opportunity to gain valuable life experience while deepening your relationship with God.  

The Shoreline Discipleship Academy focuses on three essential values: spiritual growth, academic growth, and missional growth.

Spiritual Growth: Each student will be encouraged to follow Jesus daily through Bible study, prayer and Scripture memory.  Through the course of each week the student will be intentionally discipled by the Cornerstone team while being partnered with a church member who will serve as a mentor during the nine-month program.

Academic Growth: While our desire is to create a fun and enjoyable environment, we also want it to be challenging.  As Christians we are called to use not only our hearts, but our minds to grow in our relationship to Jesus.  Each week there are courses taught on-site on topics ranging anywhere from theology to money management.  Over the course of the nine month program each student will be required to take four courses at either Geneva College or West Coast Bible College and Seminary. For more information on the differences between those two institutions please check out their websites and our "What It Costs" tab.

Missional Growth: A vital part of the Shoreline Discipleship Academy is to develop Christians that have a heart to serve locally, domestically and globally.  While the shoreline of Connecticut is beautiful and pleasant there are many people who are in deep need of the hands and feet of Jesus. Through the course of the 9 month program each student will serve in a variety of areas at Cornerstone Church and in the local community.  We have also established a relationship with Hope for Atlantic City and the Converge Worldwide initiative to reach the Caribbean.  Those two experiences will give a glimpse of the needs that are often overlooked domestically and globally.